Jamboree Schedule & Info – Sat., March 22nd

We are excited to announce the Jamboree schedule for Saturday, March 22nd.   As we have more teams this year, the games will be shorter.  Please make sure that your teams are on time and ready to go as this will help the transition times move quickly.  There will not be time for warming up and teams will need to vacate the fields as quickly as possible when their game ends.  Games will end at the scheduled end time, regardless of where the game is in play.

Bar S North
Start End Division Visitor – 1B Dugout Home – 3B Dugout
9:00 AM 9:55 AM TB Wild Things Gold Rush
10:00 AM 10:55 AM TB Salty Dogs Sea Monsters
11:00 AM 11:55 AM CP Admirals Bombers
12:00 PM 12:55 PM CP Greys Loggers
1:00 PM 1:55 PM CP Stealth Tides
2:00 PM 2:55 PM Rookies Metroplitans Pilots
3:00 PM 3:55 PM Rookies  Sun Dodgers Chiefs
4:00 PM 4:55 PM Minor Jays Marlins
5:00 PM 5:55 PM Major Cardinals Cubs
6:00 PM 6:55 PM Major Rays Cubs
Bar-S South
Start End Division Visitor – 1B Dugout Home – 3B Dugout
9:15 AM 10:10 AM TB Grey Gulls King Crabs
10:15 AM 11:10 AM TB Steel Heads King Crabs
11:15 AM 12:10 PM CP Evergreen Thunderbirds
12:15 PM 1:10 PM CP Olympics Sonic Youth
1:15 PM 2:10 PM CP Trappers Tridents
2:15 PM 3:10 PM Rookies Rainiers Sonics
3:15 PM 4:10 PM Minor Athletics Dodgers
4:15 PM 5:10 PM Minor Nationals Rangers
5:15 PM 6:10 PM Minor White Sox Rangers
6:15 PM 7:10 PM Major Giants Orioles